Character Creation & Advancement

Creating Your Character

  • 25 point-buy using the standard values for Pathfinder.
  • Maximum starting gold for your character class.
  • Maximum HP at 1st level.
  • Select two character traits.

Advancing Your Character

  • Use the “Medium” experience table.
  • Roll your Hit Die for your chosen character class.
  • If unsatisfied with your roll for hit points, during character advancement, you may opt to use a Hero Point to re-roll your Hit Die type for that level.

Character Death & Replacement

  • In the unfortunate event of character death, you will create a new character at the average group level or the previous character’s level, whichever is lower.
  • When starting with an advanced character, use the standard gold for a character of your level; however, no single item may be over 33% of your total worth.

Character Creation & Advancement

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