Kingdom Leadership Roles

Ruler: Primary leader of the Kingdom, Applies his CHA to any 1 basic attribute, can have a wife or other sort of Co-ruler that also applies their CHA to 1 basic attribute. The book says that the ruler is called a Baron, then a Duke when the Kingdom is larger and adds CHA to 2 kingdom stats, then a King when its even larger adding CHA to all 3 kingdom stats. Without a ruler the realm cannot function.

Councilor: Ensures that the will of the citizenry is represented. Add their CHA or WIS to Loyalty, without one you cannot gain benefits from festivals and the kingdom gains 1 unrest each turn and a -2 to Loyalty.

General: Commands the armies for the realm and is a Public hero. Add their CHA or STR to Stability, without one -4 to Stability.

Grand Diplomat: Oversees international relations. Add their CHA or INT to Stability, without one -2 to stability and cannot issue promotion edicts.

High Priest: Guides the realm’s religious needs and growth. Adds their CHA or WIS to stability, without one -2 to stability and loyalty and +1 unrest each turn.

Magister: Guides a realm’s higher learning and magical studies. Adds their CHA or INT to Economy, without one -4 to economy.

Marshal: Organizes patrols and enforces justice in rural and wilderness regions. Adds WIS or DEX to Economy, without on -4 to economy.

Royal Assassin: This person serves as a public executioner, headsman or shadowy assassin. Add STR or DEX to Loyalty and decrease unrest by 1 per month. There is no penalty if this office is not filled.

Spymaster: Observes the realm’s underworld and criminal elements and spies on other kingdoms. Adds their INT or DEX to 1 kingdom stat of their choosing, without one -4 to economy and 1 unrest per turn due to out of control crime.

Treasurer: Organizes tax collection and manages the treasury. Adds their INT or WIS to economy, without one -4 to economy and cannot collect taxes.

Warden: leads the realm’s defense and city guards. Adds their STR or CON to loyalty, without one -4 to loyalty and -2 to stability.

Kingdom Leadership Roles

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